the fruit

The dragon fruit is one of natures most astounding creations on this planet. Besides a lovely taste there are magnific nutritional values. And you can't imagine the beauty of a dragonfruit blossom, flowering and emitting a infatuating fragrance for just one night.


As a cactus dragon fruit offers a wide range of usage so are food, drinks, healthproducts, cosmetics, pharmaceutics and even decoration. And since it's proven, that human creativity is continuously expanding, there can be expected quite some new ones coming up.


Some very specific services already created around the dragon fruit. One of the first great ideas came up in the Philippines, where a now wellknown mobile ice cream service is providing healthy icecream to public places or homes and bringing forth huge success.


The fruit itself posesses, depending on the species, a sweet and fruity taste - especially the purple and yellow pulped ones, while the white is more decent. But, oh my goodness, what will happen, when the chefs discover it and create delicious recipes? Find out here...

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